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The chewing surfaces play an important role for the stability, but also for the functions of the stomatognathic system. The maintain the stability of the maximum intercuspation is a crucial part for all dental disciplines – at least when the occlusal surfaces have to be treated and restored. This applies to therapists, endodontists and general dentists. A fundamental knowledge of the functional anatomy of molars and premolars and the understanding of functional occlusal movements (commonly summarized and known as occlusal compasses) help to master the daily occlusal restorations easier, faster and also more competent.

The functional anatomy of each tooth will be discussed in details. Each tooth has an individual morphology. Each tooth will be discussed separately, the participants will learn the logic of the functional elements: cusps, fossae, marginal ridges, fissures, esthetic tips, edges etc.

The impact of an altered tooth position on mandibular movements will be reflected as well. The understanding of the mandibular/occlusal movements during chewing helps to understand abrasion, chipping and fractures of natural dental structures, but also from restorative materials.

The bruxing patient is a general challenge for all dental disciplines, definitely not only for those who are dealing with functions and dysfunctions. An active strategy to understand the individual bruxing activity when sleeping, but also when awake reduces the fear and insecurity. The visualization of the bruxing activity with a BruxChecker® allows a functional analysis of the chewing surface morphology with the possibility to improve the patient's situation.

The successful clinical implementation of the knowledge about chewing surface morphology is the main goal of the seminar.

Participants are invited to bring their own BruxCheckers (sleep and awake, upper or lower)
  • Prof. Dr. Gregor Slavicek
  • Dr. Anastasia Slavicek
Course program
19th – 21th. Feb. 2024

1 920,00 €
* Coffee & Lunch inculded
Moscow, Russia
Hotel Novotel Centre