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Implant hybrid bridges
Course dedicated on the design of extended implant structures
For dental technicians with 1 year Exocad experience

Date of cource:
July 28-29
14:00 - 18:00 (GMT)

Andrev Bachmago
About the course
In online practice, you will work out the full protocol for the manufacture of Implant hybrid bridges (All-on-4®) starting from the 3D scanning stage to printing.
In Exocad
Course Program
Practice - 2 days - 4 hours each (July 28-29)
  • 1
    1. Effective algorithm of dental arc simulation
    • anatomical dental library selection\
    • reduction methods for ceramic application
    • application of CUTBACK and Thimble librarie
    • modeling of artificial gums

    2. Simulation of anatomical bridge without reinforcement:
    • for immediate load
    • constant wearing

    3. Beam (frame) design:
    • for immediate load and permanent structures
    • hybrid bridge strategies: hygienic beam or anatomically/reduced with garland
    • analysis of the features of implant libraries from the interface level

    4. Scanner check:
    • digital tool to check the accuracy of the scan and method of
    • obtaining passivity without making gypsum models(plaster models)

    5. Secondary part on screw fixation:
    • proper design
    • boundaries and parameters for milling
    • creation of secondary screw channels, duplicating screw channels of beams

    6. Analysis of clinical cases and answers to questions

    Necessary software for modeling
    1. The PC with installed program: Exocad
    - Zoom with a registered (free) account;
    2. Mouse;
    3. Headphones, microphone
Andrew Bachmago
Dental Technican
Head of CAD/CAM Development Department at ARTICON.
Exocad-trainer since 2017.
Creator of the Shape of Nature non-profit project and CAD/CAM DENTAL YouTube channel.
until April 31
Theory + Practice: 370$ \ 350€

after April 31:
Theory + Practice: 422$ \ 399€