We offer you cooperation in the recruitment of participants for training events.
Stom-e company
Our base of dentists is about 100 thousand (Russian Federation + CIS countries)
We sell and organize online and offline training for dentists and other professionals working in the field of dentistry.

We organize our own educational events, as well as sell the events of our partners around the world for %
from their value.
What is included in our services?
  • Posting the event on the website and in social networks
  • Mail and WhatsApp mailing lists
  • Leading the client from consultation to closing documents
  • Gathering feedback after the event
  • Communication with the coordinator of affiliate programs at any time
Cooperation terms

  • Conclusion of an agreement

  • Commission is 30%
Our permanent partners
REVYLINE, Школа Медицины и Управления Доктора Фридмана, ARTICON, GREEN Dent и т.д.
Application for cooperation
For more information, write to us at
or fill out an application and you will be contacted